Oil Burner Nozzles (A/B)
Oil Burner Nozzles (A/B)

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  • At the forefront of nozzle development, Delavan created its nozzle using bi-metal construction. The Brass body and stainless steel metering parts permit machining to close tolerances for precision and consistently high performance. Brass transmits heat fast from the nozzle face to reduce the possibility of varnish and oil residue buildup. Stainless steel provides that extra durability for metering parts where wear is a factor.
  • Be sure to have the right Nozzle Specifications before you order.
  • TYPE "A" or "B" - "Nozzle Size or Rating" (GPH) X "Spray Angle"
  • Hollow Cone Nozzle (Type A) Hollow cone nozzles can be used in burners with a hollow air pattern and also for use in small burners (those firing 1.00 GPH and under), regardless of air pattern. Hollow cone nozzles generally have more stable spray angles and patterns under adverse conditions than solid cone nozzles of the same flow rate. This is an important advantage in fractional gallonage nozzles where high viscosity fuel may cause a reduction in spray angle and an increase in droplet size. Type A nozzles produce a spray which delivers fine droplets outside the periphery of the main spray cone. These fine droplets greatly enhance ignition and create a stable flame for use with flame retention burners
  • Solid Cone Nozzle (Type B) Type B nozzles produce a spray which distributes droplets fairly uniformly throughout the complete pattern. This spray pattern becomes progressively more hollow at high flow rates, particularly above 8.00 GPH. These nozzles may be used in larger burners (those firing above 2.00 or 3.00 GPH) to provide smoother ignition. They can also be used where the air pattern of the burner is heavy in the center or where long fires are required.

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